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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Exclusive... Interview With Breezestream (@ItizBREEZE)

  • Breeze-stream Rapskillz Ahmad

    Ahmed Ridwan Olalekan popularly known as Breeze (@ItizBREEZE) is a rapper, writer, a recording artiste and a grand hustler. Born in the city of Jos and grew up on the streets of Lagos, He Originates from Ilorin, Kwara State. He's not just coming as he's featured on countless events like the lyricist lounge (2010 with Chris D'Razor) on the beat 99.9 fm alongside Mr Cipher, J.O and Kamili. Also the Unilorin Inter-faculty dance competition season 3 to mention a few. Below is a chat session with

    Psalmpy: "Eyo it's Breeze! Introduce yourself" Breeze: "It's evident you already know my stage name, haha! Well a lot of people don't know that my mum calls me Lekan and my dad?.. Ridwan. I'm shy, love good people, I like the ladies and respect the Gs"
    Psalmpy: "When did it all start?" Breeze: "Right back in my days in J town where virtually every street you walk, you find a freestyle session going on. We used to listen to the likes of Tupac, Shaba, M.J, Baba Fela, B.I.G and their likes, but professionally, I started five years ago"
    Psalmpy: "Why the name BREEZE?" Breeze: "(Clears throat). It was extracted from 'Breezestream' when people started thinking Breezestream was tongue-twisting. Breezestream has to do with the way I flow"
    Psalmpy: "Your debut into the industry?" Breeze: "Well well. Started recording with my bro BlackBreeze, we work individually too. My first mixtape material was "Ill mind of Breezy" where I covered Hopsin's 'Ill mind of Hopsin", a viral video of it followed"
    Psalmpy: "Why mixtape materials first and what are you working on?" Breeze: "Nobody's perfect so it's a strategy of refining myself. I'm also covering Big Sean's control then my first official single shall drop after that, just wait for that"
    Psalmpy: "Any record label for now?" Breeze: "Bond music baby! We more like a family"
    Psalmpy: "Make a shout out" Breeze: "To all Unilorin artistes mehn! Una be fire. Shout out also goes to BlackBreeze, ClaraJoe, Blunt, Samibond, SSD, Austin... can't even mention names mehn"
    Psalmpy: "Say some words to your lovers" Breeze: "Thanks, stay happy, we literaly have an hour to live, make money, don't forget God"
    Below are the links to some of his works
    Control (cover) ft @therealYDEL and @SamibondSunechi:

    Audio: Ill mind of Breezy DOWNLOAD
    Viral video: Ill Mind of Breezy DOWNLOAD
    Kindly, drop your comments after reading the interview
    Check Out More Of His Pics Below

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